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Essentials of Uzbekistan

Duration: 7 DAYS / 6 NIGHTS
Itinerary: Tashkent - Urguench – Khiva - Bukhara– Samarkand- Tashkent

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Tamerlane's gardens

Duration: 11 DAYS / 10 NIGHTS
Itinerary: Tashkent - Urguench – Khiva - Bukhara–Nurata – Aydarkul Lake - Samarkand- Shakrissabz – Samarkand - Tashkent

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Whisper of silk cocoons

Duration: 14 DAYS / 13 NIGHTS
Itinerary: Tashkent – Fergana Valley - Tashkent - Khiva - Bukhara– Samarkand- Shakhrissabz – Samarkand – Tashkent

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In the heart of Central Asia

Duration: 16 DAYS / 15 NIGHTS
Itinerary: Tashkent-Nukus-Muynak-Khiva-Bukhara-Samarkand-Darband-Boysun-Termez-Tashkent–Fergana Valley-Tashkent

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From the world of nomads to the settled life


Duration: *
Itinerary: *

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Central Asia is a unique treasure house of rich history, a place where a thousand and one fabulous doors open the way to the past, it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Blue domes, gold, spices and silks…… These words conjure up the jewels of Central Asia that are Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. From palaces to madrassas, from mosques to mausoleums, the inimitable beauty of these oasis cities is waiting, as of old, to be discovered by the traveler.
«Samarkand Renaissance » invites you to an exceptional journey to the country full of miracles and adventures in the heart of Central Asia… to Uzbekistan. Our tours will give you the whole palette of colours and emotions of the past and the present, a traveler becomes a sultan, a dervish,a rich tradesman or a healer …
Individual approach to each tour enables us to create trips based on your interests and preferences, and on the highest level of all rendered services.
«Samarkand Renaissance » is at your service for arranging the best of trips – Yours!